What is Project Based Learning?

At Atlanta SMART Academy, students learn new subject matter in dynamic ways that spark curiosity and increase motivation. Teachers gain a deeper understanding of each child. Together, they build strong connections and set goals to empower students with agency and accountability for their own learning.

About Our Curriculum


The vision of Atlanta SMART Academy is a conduit from elementary to high school in which students develop the creative and critical thinking skills to thrive in high school, college and careers of their choosing. Project Based Learning provides more relevant and engaging learning that will last for a lifetime.
Our creative and passionate educators serve as facilitators of learning, replacing traditional lectures with more engaging real- world problems. Teachers engage in intensive summer training prior to implementing this curriculum and participate in ongoing weekly professional development to ensure they have the skills and confidence to implement the curriculum.
  • Advisory– all students are assigned a college homeroom with a teacher who has dedicated time weekly to talk one on one with your child about their school experience both academic and otherwise. 
  • Projects – teachers show students how learning is relevant to their lives through projects based on real world scenarios. 
  • Attend Open House and monthly curriculum nights 
  • Read monthly school newsletters and weekly class newsletters

Atlanta SMART Academy

Student Engagement
Students are taught why they are learning and in the way they learn best. Students feel empowered to take ownership of their own learning.
Provide Better Education
Teachers cultivate deeper connections with students. Teachers tailor instruction to students’ individual needs creating a more dynamic learning environment.
Meaningful Learning
Instead of simply memorizing information, students engage in a curriculum that helps them develop a deeper understanding of content and develop their communication and critical thinking skills.
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