STEAM Beyond School Extended Care


STEAM beyond school is Atlanta SMART Academy’s extended care program. It is meant to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for students outside of normal school hours. The program will be a combination of academic assistance and science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) activities.



6:30am-7:40am Monday-Friday

4:00-6pm Monday-Thursday

1:30-6pm Fridays


Program Fees – Paid for via PayPal 

Enrollment Fee- All parents utilizing the Extended Care program must pay a one-time enrollment fee for use of the program, regardless if used for drop-in or weekly attendance.  

Registration fee= $25/student/year


Aftercare only

$40/week – One student

$70/week – Two siblings

$95/week – Three siblings

$115/week – Four or more siblings

Before care only & drop in services


Before & aftercare

$55/week – One student

$85/week – Two siblings

$105/week – Three siblings

$130/week – Four or more siblings



Pick-Up Policy: All students NOT picked up by 4pm Monday-Thursday or 1:45pm on Fridays will be sent into the Extended Care program and charged for the day. Drop-in program parents will be charged the drop–in fee.


Attendance Policy: ALL students must be logged into the roll daily when attending the extended care Program. Once a student is logged into the program roll system, parent(s) or designated pick-up(s) will be required to sign them out and the parent will be charged as required.


Late Pick-Up Policy: All students MUST be picked up by 6PM. A late charge of $1 for every minute past 6PM will be charged. Abuse of late pick-up can result in loss of use of the Extended Care program.


Late Payment Policy: Students will not be allowed to attend the extended care program if Attendance or Drop-In Fees are 5 days past due until payment is made in full.


Disciplinary Issues: Students that have continued to report discipline issues while attending the Extended Care Program will not be allowed to use it pending investigation and appropriate Notification.


Siblings: Must share one or more parents or legal guardians and reside in the same household.

Contact Information: Please contact our Operations Manager, Ms. Dennis for questions.